Aboriginal health canada essay

The death rate among the Indigenous population was more than twice the death rate for the total Australian population. The infant mortality rate for Indigenous Australians 11 deaths per 1, live births was twice the infant mortality rate for all Australians 5.

Aboriginal health canada essay

How did we get it so wrong? Australian historian Bill Gammage and others have shown that for many years land was carefully managed by Aboriginal people to maximise productivity. This resulted in fantastically fertile soils, now exploited and almost destroyed by intensive agriculture.

In some cases, Aboriginal people had sophisticated number systemsknew bush medicine, and navigated using stars and oral maps to support flourishing trade routes across the country.

Aboriginal health canada essay

They mounted fierce resistance to the British invaders, and sometimes won significant military victories such as the raids by Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy. Australian aborigines knew more about tides than Galileo Galilei engraving from about The Yolngu peoplein north eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, long recognised how the tides are linked to the phases of the moon.

Back in the early 17th century, Italian scientist Galileo Galilei was still proclaiming, incorrectly, that the moon had nothing to do with tides. Some Aboriginal people had figured out how eclipses work, and knew how the planets moved differently from the stars.

They used this knowledge to regulate the cycles of travel from one place to another, maximising the availability of seasonal foods.

Why are we only finding this out now? We owe much of our knowledge about pre-European contact Aboriginal culture to the great anthropologists of the 20th century.

Their massive tomes tell us much about Aboriginal art, songs and spirituality, but are strangely silent about intellectual achievements.

They say very little about Aboriginal understanding of how the world works, or how they navigated. How to Understand Them he appears to have heard at least one songline an oral map without noting its significance. How could these giants of anthropology not recognise the significance of what they had been told?

The answer dawned on me when I gave a talk on Aboriginal navigation at the National Library of Australia, and posed this same question to the audience.

The paradigm problem According to Kuhn, all of us even scientists and anthropologists are fallible. Ideas change slowly, and the underlying message lingers on, long after it has been falsified.

Aboriginal culture is more than just cave painting and artwork. We need to learn more about their scientific knowledge. Kitch Bain So an anthropologist might study the Aboriginal people as objects, just as a biologist might study insects under a microscope, but would learn nothing from Aboriginal people themselves.

Even now, the paradigm lives on. We must overcome the intellectual inertia that keeps us in that old paradigm, stopping us from recognising the enormous contribution that Aboriginal culture can make to our understanding of the world, and to our attempts to manage it. As Thomas Kuhn said: Still to learn In recent years, it has become clear that traditional Aboriginal people knew a great deal about the sky, knew the cycles of movements of the stars and the complex motions of the sun, moon and planets.

Aboriginal health canada essay

And I suspect that this is only the tip of the iceberg of Aboriginal astronomy. So in the debate about whether our schools should include Aboriginal perspectives in their lessons, I argue that kids studying science today could also learn much from the way that pre-contact Aboriginal people used observation to build a picture of the world around them.

So if you want to learn about the essence of how science works, how people learn to solve practical problems, the answer may be clearer in an Aboriginal community than in a high-tech laboratory.Nov 25,  · Inala indigenous health service that aims at improving the wellbeing and health of Torres Strait and aboriginal people through a series of health, clinical promotion, and research activities Indigenous health conference that intends to reinforce life expectancy of indigenous people to be equivalent to that of non-indigenous AustraliansLocation: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Apr 15,  · This is an essay I wrote some 10 or 11 years ago, as part of a Bachelor degree course in Nursing.

It remains relevant, sadly, to this day. The health status of Australia’s indigenous people today remains far below that of the general population, with life expectancies comparable to .

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