Angelica najera week 2 stages critical

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Angelica najera week 2 stages critical

The task of the lab experiment is to be able to set up an experiment in order to examine environmental toxins and how their effects on Tetrahymena. This was accomplished by using knowledge from prior labs to set up serial dilutions of Tetrahymena in different solutions, water in proteose-peptone-tryptone PPT media and insulin in PPT media, and counting cell numbers.

The labs prior to this week have prepared the students to engage in their first scientific experiment and were completed to help minimize errors. However, developing the metacognition that persistence in the face of failure will yield meaningful results.

Procedure for Experimental Setup Determination: Inoculate the Tetrahymena culture in a well plate with PPT media.

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Acquire an aliquot of Tetrahymena culture, sterile PPT media, and sterile water. Carefully shake the well-plate. Data for Experimental Setup Determination: Do this three times to create a total of three testing wells.

Do this three times to create a total of three control wells. Initial Data for Concentration Preparation and Experiment: Insulin Test Well 1: Overall Insulin cell count: The lab was successful, but errors were probably committed. The dilution counts have a significant deviation and so does the data.

Angelica najera week 2 stages critical

The cell counts were so large that counting them was inaccurate. The lab was not a complete failure but learning from these mistakes will help the students garner that metacognition mindset that failure can lead to success through trial and error.

Observing the data both before and after a day shows that insulin may negatively affect cell growth. For future experimentation, the lab should probably be repeated with different dilution factors to ensure more accurate counting.

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fibronectin myofibroblasts in the surrounding tissue are stimulated to proliferate for the first 3 days. vascular endothelial growth factor By the end of the first week. At this stage.

Angelica najera week 2 stages critical

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Home Essays Angelica Najera Week 2 Angelica Najera Week 2 Stages Critical Thinking. Topics: Critical thinking ´╗┐Critical thinking Week 2- Assignment Medical assistants use a lot of critical thinking in their careers. They have to ask a lot of questions to get information for the doctors recorded, have confidence, maintain a high level.

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