Be the grill master

Search for a Place or Topic 6 tools every grill master should have From the basics to the extravagant, you need these tools.

Be the grill master

Not that I care. Is there a better way to cook anything? Soup, I suppose, is better handled differently. Something about red meat on a grill brings out the worst, most domineering, blow-hard, control-freak qualities in certain men.

You know the stereotype: He is the Grill Master. He has very strong feelings about the food preparation today. This thing should be this way, that should be done that way.

No one else is allowed to touch anything. Honey, bring me Be the grill master beer, will ya? No offense intended if you are such a man.

I mean, I think you look sort of silly, like a caricature of a person from the past, or Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, or something out of the first few seasons of Mad Men when it was good.

Grab the wheel, take the reins. Is a hot dog a sandwich? I am always happy to cede responsibility. Or play whiffle ball.

I just love playing the game. You are an expert. You are the expert. You hardly need a list of reminders about the proper way to prepare food for human consumption.

Start with the coals. No one likes the taste of lighter fluid. The hot dogs should be Sabrett. Oh, and do not slice the hot dog down the middle before grilling. What are you, an idiot?! No, no you are not.

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Surely you know that doing so will let all the delicious juices escape down into the grill, and not into my mouth. I ate Carl's Jr 1,calorie burger. I am not a child; I am a man.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, and I liked ketchup on my hot dogs because ketchup is full of sugar, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Press the hamburger patties flat before you start grilling them. You are the Grill Master.

Be the grill master

Same for the steaks — the bone-in rib-eye you bought at the most expensive butcher in the area, seasoned with salt and pepper and nothing else. Chicken wings are a culinary triumph. So why do chefs want to ruin them?

Emma Brockes Read more There should be a vegetarian option at the barbecue: But only chicken legs. White meat is dry tasteless garbage and should be thrown in the garbage.

But by all means, grill up some vegetables. Have you ever grilled scallions? Scallions are the only vegetable worth grilling at all, in my opinion. This is your show. What time should I arrive?We are in the business of building handcrafted grills, rotisseries and smokers.

Each one is designed to meet or exceed your expectations. We take your desires and incorporate them into YOUR ultimate cooking machine!

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