Deadly identities

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Deadly identities

Identity is a topic of extensive theory and research for many of the social sciences. Two disciplines that have devoted a great deal of attention to identity are sociology and psychology. Sociologists generally define the overall self as consisting of multiple identities tied to the different roles a person plays in the social world.

In his book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, the sociologist Erving Goffman — brought a dramaturgical approach to social identity. Goffman theorized that people play social roles like actors on a stage, claiming and becoming committed to a particular public or group identity.

More recently, the symbolic interactionist perspective has assumed a prominent role in the sociological approach to identity. Role identities may differ in number, prominence, salience, and value to an individual, and sociologists have conducted a great deal of research on these aspects of role identity.

For example, a greater number of role identities have been associated with greater resistance to stress and more positive mental health, particularly when those identities are voluntary or freely chosen ones rather than when Deadly identities are conferred or obligatory.

Deadly identities

The meaning of a role identity is something that a person must determine and negotiate. As such, it can be affected by the reactions of others.

Over time, there can be changes in a role, as well as in the identity associated with that role. For example, when a person takes on a new role of being a spouse in a Deadly identities couple, specific behaviors associated with that role must be defined and may change over time.

In addition, the definition and boundaries of the spouse identity can change. Thus, the taking on, development, internalization, and changing of multiple roles comprise the most important features of identity from a sociological perspective.

When and how does a coherent sense of identity develop? Research suggests that identity concerns are especially prominent among late adolescents and early adults. This seems to be due to the fact that it is only by this time that young people become physically and sexu- ally mature, are competent in abstract thought, show increased emotional stability, and have a certain amount of freedom from parental and peer constraints.

Younger children are typically not assumed to have an identity at least in the overall coherent and stable sense of the term. However, aspects of identity e.

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Understanding how a person is similar to and different from others is an important part of identity formation. In this regard, significant others can help to define the devel- oping sense of identity.

There are several different ways that young adults might deal with their identity struggles Marcia For example, a person might show identity foreclosure.

This can occur when people prematurely commit to and unquestioningly adopt the beliefs, values, or roles pre- scribed by parents rather than going through the process of developing their own beliefs, values, and career choices.

Second, people may delay commitment in order to try out alternative identities, beliefs, roles, or behaviors. In this situation, called an identity moratorium, such people are actively caught up in the throes of the identity struggle and are striving to resolve it. However, they have yet to develop a coherent and stable identity.

A third possible outcome of the young adulthood identity crisis is called identity diffusion. This refers to an unwillingness to confront the challenge of charting a life course and a failure to achieve a stable and integrated sense of self. Unlike in the moratorium, such people show little concern or effort to resolve their self-doubt, apathy, and passivity.

Finally, people can arrive at a sense of self and direction and form an integrated image of themselves as unique persons.

Deadly identities

This is called identity achievement. Such individuals have passed successfully through the identity crisis and are now able to make a commitment to a career objective and a personally meaningful set of beliefs and values. For Erikson and other identity theo- rists, adequate identity formation is the foundation of sound psychological health in adulthood.

Identity confu- sion can interfere with important developmental transi- tions during the adult years. Psychological research also shows that people engage in a wide variety of behaviors to construct, test, and confirm their identities.

For example, social psychologists have studied the processes by which people present specific identity aspects to others and manage the impressions that others form of them.

What makes particular identity char- acteristics salient is likely to be tied to the social setting or context.

For example, those who belong to the same group are seen as ingroup members, whereas nonmembers or those who belong to different groups are seen as outgroup members.

A large amount of research has shown that such ingroup-outgroup catego- rization sometimes based on arbitrarily defined group membership results in ingroup favoritism and outgroup discrimination. Thus, it appears that merely belonging to a group can create meaningful social identities with strong attitudinal e.

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