Essay description cheerleading competition

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Essay description cheerleading competition

They are left Essay description cheerleading competition for reference only. For current rules, click here. For updated cheerleading safety information, injury data, and safety education resources, be sure to visit cheersafe. New or modified rules are shown in bold, underlined italics.

A stunt in which a top person is tossed by bases whose hands are interlocked. A pyramid in which the top person performs a hip-over-head rotation while in contact with bracers.

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A dismount from a partner stunt, pyramid or toss in which the catch is completed below shoulder height by a base or bases with the top person in a face-up open-pike position.

A stunt in which both feet of the top person are in one hand of a base. A forward roll where the feet leave the ground before the hands reach the ground. A stunt in which the entire body of the top person is extended in an upright position over the base s.

Extended Position — A position in which the supporting hand s of the base is above the head.

Essay description cheerleading competition

Used to help determine whether certain inversions are legal. Examples of hanging pyramids are: A stunt in which the top person is tossed into the air in a horizontal position and rotates parallel to the ground in the same motion as a helicopter blade.

A body position where the shoulders are below the waist. Dropping to the knees without first bearing the majority of the weight on the hands or feet.

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A top person in a horizontal position or cradle is popped then twists parallel to the performing surface before being caught by the original base s in a horizontal position or a cradle. A person on the performing surface who may assist a top person during a stunt or transition.

Any object which can be manipulated or used as a base ex: A toss technique where the top person begins the toss with both feet on the ground.

The bases can apply an upward force on any part of the body other than under the feet. A pyramid transition in which the top person is connected to a bracer while being released from their bases before being caught in a cradle, stunt or loading position.

A transition from one stunt to another stunt including loading positions in which the top person becomes free from all bases, posts and spotters. A person who is responsible for assisting or catching the top person in a partner stunt or pyramid.

One or more persons supporting one or more top persons off of the ground. A skill in which a person is assisted by bases or posts while performing continuous hip-over-head rotation.

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A dismount from a stunt or pyramid where the top person s are directed toward the ground while their feet are held by the base s until just before the landing. A stunt that is held in a static position on one leg, the base s takes a downward dip and release the top person as the top person switches the weight to the other leg and lands in a static position on the opposite leg.

The dip may or may not pass through prep level before release.Free Essay: Cheerleading - It Was Our Year! Running the same routine over and over since August 14, and it is now October 6th. Bodies are aching, feet. Essay economics example you the essay mother tongue mystery life skills essay johnstone cheer captain essay ideas links for essay writing quiz (paper research type generator free) opinion essay words persuasive?

essay outline diagram elephant acknowledgments in a research paper includes. Essays on Cheerleading Competition. Cheerleading Competition Search. Search Results. Cheerleading Worlds Ever cheerleader has a dream; A dream of hopefully one day being good enough to make it to “Worlds.” Some cheerleaders, if they can afford to dream so big, wish for the.

This essay is a description of a cheerleading competition Essay by blondncrazy, High School, 10th grade, A+, March download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 4 votes 2 reviews4/5(2).

Essay description cheerleading competition

Cheerleading helps one develop leadership skills, trust, and one is able to serve as a performer representing not only oneself but the school and the community. As a cheerleader, the word “leadership” takes on a whole new meaning.

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