Fin 504 chapter1 3

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Fin 504 chapter1 3

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Drop by anytime you want to read free — fast — latest novel. Chapter The auction would be held five days later. It was a large auction that would not just be attended by those within Freezing Sky Clan, but even the wealthy people from the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky would also send representatives to take part.

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The people from nearby tribes and even some tribes located further away also knew about large auctions that would only be held once a century like this one.

These people would usually leave before the date of the auction itself, and they were most probably on the way to the auction at the moment. Most of the people who were going to the auction were going as buyers, but there were also quite a number who were coming from all over the place to sell their personal belongings to the auction committee.

He quelled the excitement racing in his heart, closed his eyes, and pondered over it for a moment before handing the invitation card back to Zi Che. His injuries were already healed, and he had also learned of what the ninth summit had done for him after he was injured from Hu Zi.

Fin 504 chapter1 3

He was deeply moved by their actions, especially since he was excommunicated from the second summit. To him, the ninth summit was already a place he could settle in. Besides, the seals on his body had also been removed ever since he was cured.

He was already used to this sort of life, and he did not feel uncomfortable with it. The little bits of contact they had with each other made Zi Che harbor a deep respect towards Su Ming. Once he put away the invitation card, Zi Che hesitated for a moment.

He was not in a position to say it in a straightforward manner, but since he saw that Su Ming understood what he was trying to convey, he bowed and moved back. Su Ming was sitting on the platform outside his cave and had already been sitting for a long time without getting up; the sun had risen and set multiple times.

Fin 504 chapter1 3

In the beginning, he had felt as if his legs and upper body were about to be torn apart, and he was only starting to get used to it during these past few days, but standing up was still a gargantuan task to him. Still sitting, Su Ming lifted his right hand. With a flick of his wrist, a black fork of only three inches appeared on his palm.

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