Google s orkut in brazil

ReadWrite has been covering underdog Orkut since its invention. We followed its rise to dominance in India and Brazil and its ever-constant if somewhat understated battle with Facebook for the eyeballs of international social media users. We took a peek into the archives to highlight some major moments in Orkut history. Orkut Through The Ages September

Google s orkut in brazil

An unofficial blog that watches Google's attempts to move your operating system online since Not affiliated with Google. Send your tips to gostips gmail. Unofficial news and tips about Google July 8, Improving Google's Social Network Google already has a social network orkutbut it's only popular in Brazil and India, it doesn't have a Googley interface and it had a lot of security problems in the past.

That's why last year Google sponsored a project at the Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute whose initial goal was to "rethink and reinvent online social networking". Our team considered how online social networking could bring greater value to users, especially for ages above twenty.

After initial brainstorming and research, we chose to focus on the effects of a new model for online social networking: Socialstream would be based on a unified social network USNa single network that provides social data to other sites as a service.

A service model allows many social networks to be linked together, letting them share both content and the nature of the relationships of the people who use them. This also assumes that other social networks have an API and don't act like walled gardens, which is not the case right now.

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Socialstream used data from blogging and photo-sharing sites like Blogger, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums. Socialstream provides a compelling user experience because it aggregates content across many different networks so a user has a single location to discover new content and communicate.

Google s orkut in brazil

The goal of Socialstream is to present social information in a way that ties it to the person who posted the information, and not the site from which it came. The site also includes a Google Talk-like sidebar with all your contacts.

Posts can be marked as favorites, and users can read their friends' favorites as a way to keep up with them. Posts can also be sent directly to a contact or commented on. Posted by Alex Chitu at.Mar 09,  · Why Brazil Loves Orkut! Danny Sullivan made a post today at Search Engine Watch quoting a USA Today piece on the alarming amount of Al-Qaeda “fan” groups in Google’s srmvision.comon: W.

Camino Real, Unit #, Boca Raton, , FL.

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Orkut sounds a lot like 'Yakult', which is a popular drink amongst kids in Brazil Lack of advertising- No ads on Orkut Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America- Accounts for nearly 50% of the total internet users. Orkut, one of Google's first forays into social networking, will be closed down by the search company at the end of September.

The social networking service, which is operated by Google Brazil. “Brazil is a beautiful opportunity for the digital world,” said the head of Google’s Brazilian subsidiary, Fábio Coelho, in an interview with the Financial Times.

Facebook Takes Over Orkut in Brazil

Apr 09,  · Hatemongering on Orkut has been decried in the United States and elsewhere, but it is in Brazil that the biggest effort is under way to halt the problem and confront Google's seemingly tight. May 07,  · Google's neglect. For a short while after its launch, Orkut was the hot thing -- fast, friendly, and it got group affiliations and lots of little social-grooming-actions right.

Facebook Ousts Google’s Orkut as Brazil’s Top Social Network - Tech Europe - WSJ