Hooliganism essay help

This article is about the hooligan subculture. For the style of clothing, see Casual attire.

Hooliganism essay help

As such we tend to disgust, for subconscious and simple reasons, the rest of Europe.

Colonial Misdeeds

We eat unhealthy, are addicted to fast food and atrocious home cooking, whereas the rest of Europe has nowhere near the same levels of USA-style culinary abuse. Michael Yardley in his essay titled "Towards the Future" and compiled in the Oxford History of the British Army 12says that "Entrants from abroad tend to be mentally and physically tougher than locally harvested recruits and highly motivated to boost their skills and academic qualifications".

Abroad in this case means such diverse people such as FijiansSamoansTongansblack Africans especially from GhanaCaribbean entrants, white Southern Africans and Gurkhas. Note it is not just physical fitness but also mental hardwork and attitude that sets these people above our native recruits.

hooliganism essay help

The Dirty Man of Europe 8. Recycling and Pollution The British public recycle more household waste than ever - On Sep 30, the BBC reported on another government drive to get the public to recycle. Most waste by far is household waste. We recycle less than one quarter of the waste that Netherlands does, and are one of the worst countries in Europe for failing to recycle and for dumping waste.

Despite all this, our pollutant emissions levels have shown impressive improvement and there is little room for real criticism, but, many European countries have developed their green economies more than we have. We emit more than a fifth of all of Europe's CO2. For its level of development, only one other established developed country, the USA, is a worse polluter.

We could do with further developments towards environmentalism. Recycling rates are lower in deprived neighbourhoods But once this was accounted for by researchers, another unexpected trend emerged: The core British populace, especially the poor, need to be re-educated and motivated about waste, rubbish and the environment we live in, and hopefully some of that inspiration will come from the fact that other countries and nations have done somewhat better than us in this regard.


Mess and Litter finland norway sweden USA We are called "the dirty man of Europe" not only for our recycling record but for our littered streets and cities. A Radio 4 report quoted officials who squarely blamed the bulk of the litter to be the discards of that associate of trash culture: Compared with other modern countries, the Scandinavian countries of FinlandNorway and Swedenand most of the rest of Europe, and even the USAall have cleaner and tidier city streets.

Our major cities are covered with trash, carrier bags, food, discards and every kind of litter. It is confusing that adults and children in most the rest of the developed world are capable of keeping their own litter under control, but Brits cannot.

hooliganism essay help

Ann Widdecombe, an MP from Britain's Conservative Party, complained about "people who think it's all right to just drop litter where they stand. It's unhygienic and unsightly" Drinking, for example, cannot be said to be a significant or deep cause of football hooliganism for the simple reason that not every fan that drinks takes part in /5(4).

The Established and the Outsiders (Collected Works Norbert Elias) (Collected Works of Norbert Elias) [Norbert Elias, John L. Scotson, Cas Wouters] on srmvision.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Elias and Scotson explain differences in power and rank between two very similar groups - both working class - in a local community studied in the early s. The University of North Alabama is an accredited, comprehensive regional state university in alabama offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

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Before talking about football hooliganism, it first must be clear how this phenomenon is defined. Fair Use Policy; A Study On Football Hooliganism Sociology Essay.

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Hooliganism in football.

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