Imax theatre swot analysis

These entrepreneurs are confronting several challenges: Is a nostalgic feeling enough of a motivator to engage customers with the brand? Rouse, David Maslach Product Number:

Imax theatre swot analysis

To add insult to injury, the sharpest decline occurred amongst the age group. What can the industry do to swing back up? In their current state, they provide no value to me. The lifeblood of online cinema and television. The new wave of home media.

The providers of endless entertainment in which pants are not necessarily required. They are the contenders Here are some Imax theatre swot analysis that might work to add value to the whole experience.

Some of these possibilities have already been implemented by forward-thinking establishments, and several of them are prospering because of it. One obvious example is IMAX. The massive size provides a uniquely immersive experience — especially when you combine it with a top-notch sound system.

But IMAX is just the beginning. The issue is that odors and fragrances are expensive to replicate. Unlike a screen, which can project an infinite combination of colors and images, each particular scent needs its own chemical. The resource cost is simply too high for a home theater, but if unique experiences are the way forward, this is one way that movie theaters could step up their game.

Kinetic seats are another area worth exploring.

Imax theatre swot analysis

Usually the film is something short, like a dinosaur chase. Now imagine an action film that employed this kind of feedback in scenes ranging from intense e.

Tamil Nadu government allows extra shows for theatre during Pongal

The idea reminds me of the old Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak, which was a surprisingly awesome development in the history of video games. Would movie theaters benefit from something similar? If it turned out to be a successful move, they could certainly charge a large markup for the experience.

Thematic theater designs could be a worthwhile gimmick. Inspired by a photo collection of the 15 Most Beautiful Cinemas Around the Worldwhat if movie theater seating was taken to the next level?

I sure would, especially during the winter months.

“Higher Experience” Theater Designs

Lastly in this section, movie theaters should be more than movie theaters. Some locations are evolving the original concept by including dinner with the filmessentially turning the movie theater into a glorified restaurant. What about a wide selection of craft beers New to Craft Beer?

Once acquired, beer offers a certain world of taste that no other beverage can. Experience the wonders of craft beer, with these websites and communities. Or even something as humdrum as coffee and ice cream? A small change like this could shift the traditional theater atmosphere in a new, more appealing direction.

What if we proved that assumption to be wrong? This idea would be to stop appealing to the lowest common denominator and start offering individualized movie screening experiences. No more big open spaces with hundreds of attendees watching the same film.

Instead, a person — or a group of people — could rent out a private room at a per-person-per-movie rate.


In this model, the experience would be on a par with a top-tier home theater: Of course, the main value comes from the private space.

Tired of strangers talking through the movie? Sick of stiff, uncomfortable seats? Now you can spread out, lounge around, and crunch on your chips as loudly as you want without disturbing others. Contemporary movie theaters only play the latest releases because those are the films that draw in the biggest crowds.An analysis of the movie viewing habits of the customers frequenting UFO Moviez screens.

By Kartikeya Bahl May, 1 An analysis of the movie viewing habits of the customers frequenting UFO Moviez screens. IMAX was involved in several aspects of the large-format film business: production, distribution, theatre operations, system development and leasing.

The case illustrates IMAX's use of its unique capabilities to pursue a focused differentiation strategy. The objectives for this case are for the students to learn SWOT analysis, to apply the.

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Tamil Nadu government allows extra shows for theatre during Pongal week from January 12 to January IMAX's main business is the manufacturing of theatre equipment. Other business ventures IMAX is involved in is the sale and lease of theater systems based technology for large format.

Also it has assisted Hollywood film makers to enhance their films production, so that moviegoers can have a better movie experience. Jan 06,  · IMAX is a mid bug out corporation with locations around the world.

As a result, it employs a running(a) and centralized structure to help maintain a undifferentiated get up all across its location. • The analytical tools such as investment return analysis, SWOT analysis and feasibility study are used to analyze the key global market player’s growth in the Global Theatre .

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