The issues of the expectations of the women in the upper middle class during the 1800s in our societ

How was the Victorian society structure? The Upper Class was in a powerful position giving them authority, better living conditions, and other facilities.

The issues of the expectations of the women in the upper middle class during the 1800s in our societ

In order to be considered middle class you had to have at least one servant. Most servants were female. Male servants were much more expensive because men were paid much higher wages.

In the 19th century times families were much larger than today. That was partly because infant mortality was high. People had many children and accepted that not all of them would survive.

In the 19th century the father was head of the family. Divorce was made legal in but it was very rare even in In middle class children had plenty of toys.

Poor children did not have any toys. Plasticine was invented in by William Harbutt. It was first made commercially in Also in Frank Hornby invented a toy called meccano. Middle Class Houses In the 19th century well off people lived in very comfortable houses.

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Although their servants lived in cramped quarters, often in the attic. However to us middle class homes would seem overcrowded with furniture, ornaments and nick-knacks. Gas fires became common in the s.

The issues of the expectations of the women in the upper middle class during the 1800s in our societ

Gas cookers became common in the s. The electric light bulb was invented in but at first electric light was expensive. In most middle class families still used gas. In the early 19th century only rich people had bathrooms.

In the s and s many middle class Victorians had bathrooms built. The water was heated by gas. In the s, for the well to do, a new style or art and decoration appeared called Art Nouveau. It involved swirling and flowing lines and stylized plant forms.

Middle Class Pastimes Several new sports and games were invented during the 19th century. William Webb Ellis is supposed to have invented Rugby at Rugby school in when he picked up a football and ran with it. Although a form of tennis was played since the Middle Ages lawn tennis was invented in Snooker was invented in India in Volleyball was invented in At the end of the 19th century bicycling became a popular sport.

The safety bicycle went on sale in Bicycling clubs became common. Ludo was originally an Indian game. It was introduced into Britain c. Meanwhile archery was a popular sport for men and women.The number of middle-class African American families in the United States has been increasing, but one critical aspect that distinguishes them from middle-class white families is their assets such as savings, investments, and homes.

19th Century England: Society, Social Classes, & Culture. The rise of the middle class put pressures on the upper classes for increased 19th Century England: Society, Social Classes. Victorian Ideals: The Influence of Society’s Ideals on Victorian Relationships Felicia Appell.

Abstract. During the Victorian era, men and women searched for an ideal relationship based on the expectations of a demanding society. So, although the upper class life seemed pretty settled, they weren’t as secure as they may have appeared, as many of the middle class women risked slipping into the “upper” sector of the lower class through the death of a father or husband.

The society looked at women as asexual beings; people with neither feelings nor a life of their own (Wayne, , p).

The issues of the expectations of the women in the upper middle class during the 1800s in our societ

However, during the ’s, women’s movements became so effective that women began to challenge the social, traditional, economical as well as the political intellectuals that had hindered them for a long time. Middle and upper class women could and did seek medical care from (male) doctors.

Working class women sought help in patent medicines and an increasing number of self-help books and magazines. Cures calling for eggs, tar, soot, herbal extracts and other household ingredients illuminated the pages of popular magazines.

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